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Sun D3 1000 ( Colecalciferol )

  • Effective Material
    Colecalciferol 1000 IU
  • Caliber
    1000 IU
  • Pharmacologic Form
    - vitaminas
  • Therapeutic Categories
    Vitamins & Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical Form
Sun-D3 1000 contains 1000 IU of vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol).
Sun-D3 5000 contains 5000 IU of vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol).
Distribution: Primarily hepatic
Protein binding: Extensively to vitamin D-binding protein
Metabolism: Primary liver and kidney hydroxylation; glucuronidation.
Half-life elimination: 14 hours.
Time to peak, plasma: 11 hours.
Excretion: As metabolites, urine (4.2 %) and feces (4.9 %).
Therapeutic indications
- Treatment of vitamin D deficiency.
- Dietary supplement for the treatment and prophylaxis of osteoporosis.
- Prophylaxis of deficiency (recent studies shown that vitamin D3 deficiency more prevalence in a lot of patients, and it’s strong relationship with diseases of elderly, women, and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, Multiple sclorosis, cancer.
Side effect
Frequency not defined: Hypervitaminosis D (signs and symptoms include increase in blood phosphate or hypercalcemia, calciuria, headache, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, lethargy, polyuria, diarrhea or constipation and polydipsia).
Hypercalcemia; hypersensitivity to cholecalciferol or any component of the formulation; malabsorption syndrome; evidence of vitamin D toxicity
Warnings and precautions
The levels of plasma calcium should be monitored especially in patients who are vulnerable to hypercalcemia.
Pregnancy and lactation
Pregnancy Category C.

Enters breast milk. should be used cautiously during lactation.
Drug interactions
- Don't co-administer with Orlistat or Olestra.
- Ethanol, Nutrition, and herbs may impair vitamin D absorption.
- People who use cardiac glycosides (digoxin) or thiazide diuretics should consult a physician before using supplemental vitamin D.
- Some antiepileptics increase vitamin D demand such as: carbamazepine, phenytoin, and Phenobarbital.
- Fat malabsorption decreases vitamin D absorption.
Dosage & administration
- Sun-D3 1000: Take one capsule daily.
- Sun-D3 5000: Take one capsule daily.
or as recommended by a the physician.
This product is best utilized when taken in divided doses with fat-containing, low fiber meals.
Sun-D3 1000:
3 blisters x 10 Capsules per Box with inserted leaflets.
5 blisters x 10 Capsules per Box with inserted leaflets.

Sun-D3 5000:
3 blisters x 10 Capsules per Box with inserted leaflets.
5 blisters x 10 Capsules per Box with inserted leaflets.
Store at 15-30°C.
Keep away from reach of children.

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