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Health Tip: Control a Bleeding Wound

Rinsing a wound with cold water helps clean it, but it may not be enough to prevent...


Health Tip: Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance applies when bacteria are no longer eliminated by a medicine that's supposed to kill them....


Health Tip: Don't Fret About a Fever

30-Aug-2016Parents can get pretty worried about fevers in children, but they're not usually something to worry about.The Cleveland...


Coping With Sleep Loss During Pregnancy

HealthDay News : 04-Jan-2017It's safe to assume many new parents aren't sleeping as much as they'd like, but...


Health Tip: Caring for Psoriasis on Your Feet

HealthDay News : 04-Jan-2017Psoriasis causes red, scaly, itchy plaques on the skin, including the feet.The American Podiatric Medical...


What Drugs Work Best for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

HealthDay News : 24-Mar-2017Nerve pain and numbness, also known as neuropathy, is a debilitating but common symptom of...


Health Tip: Ease Varicose Veins

HealthDay News : 28-Mar-2017Varicose veins are swollen, bulging blood vessels that usually form in the legs. And while...


Leg Pain When Walking: Talk to Your Doctor

HealthDay News : 24-Mar-2017Millions of Americans have a condition called peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is caused by...


Ouch! How to Tell If You Have a Sprain, a Strain or a Tear

HealthDay News : 24-Mar-2017Sprains, strains and tears are different types of injuries, and it's important to know how...


Steroid Shots Offer No Long-Term Relief for Low-Back Pain

HealthDay News : 20-Mar-2017Chronic lower back pain affects millions of Americans. Many try steroid injections to ease their...